A holistic approach

Looking for a partner who can guide you on your CSR journey with professionalism, expertise and kindness?

Zestissime has developed CSR support programs based on 20 commonly used sustainability principles. Our role is to inform, guide and suggest the best approach to sustainability for your company.

Depending on your sector, stakeholders and business model, certain measures will be prioritized for their impact. On this basis, we will define the framework of the mandate and co-create a roadmap including deliverables at each stage. 

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Our expertise
in three areas of impact

Business model

Sustainable strategy and commitments

Governance & CSR Structure

Product/service with high environmental value

Sustainable purchasing policy

Responsible supply chain


Ethical marketing

Customer transparency


Low Carbon / Net Zero Strategy 

Renewable energies

Energy savings

Soft mobility

Digital footprint

Managing and preserving natural resources (water and land)

Waste reduction


Equal pay

Health, well-being and safety

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Employee benefits

Civic involvement

Impact Performance Review

Gaëlle Borgeaud,
Founder and Managing Director

Gaëlle Borgeaud began her career in the luxury goods sector, where for fifteen years she held various MARCOM positions, including Communications and PR Manager.

These years of experience, in Switzerland and Asia, have given her a global strategic vision and an understanding of the economic issues and challenges facing the private sector.

In 2019, she will specialize in environmental and societal issues. After various training courses, notably with CISL, B Corp and Université Paris Saclay, Gaëlle founded a structure dedicated to supporting companies in their CSR transformation. She is also a "Sustainability" lecturer at CREA Geneva and Lausanne, and is a regular speaker, mentor and jury member for various organizations. 

From audits to the design of environmental and social programs,
from in-house training to external communication, we guarantee our customers
an approach in which meaning and impact are at the heart of our objectives.









A collective
of experts

Depending on your needs, the size of your organization and your objectives, we bring together a community of talented and committed professionals.

Our experts benefit from specialties such as sustainable development psychology, corporate health, circular economy, waste management and carbon footprinting.

Whether it's a question of audit, strategy or production, our method is clear and our contributors carefully selected. 


Zestissime is committed to accompanying its customers on the virtuous path of a regenerative economy. The company applies this philosophy to itself, measuring each of its choices through the prism of sustainability. The size of our structure limits potential negative impacts; however, Zestissime is committed to implementing the following ten environmental, social and economic principles, adapted to its activities:


We say NO to potential customers who wish to display CSR in an overtly superficial or purely marketing way. No fine words without tangible commitments! Our customers choose us as much as we choose them. 


Our customers are mainly SMEs operating within a 500km radius, or even much closer! The same goes for our external consultants and suppliers. Our aim is to support a local economy.

mobility trio

We favor soft mobility in all our business and home-to-business trips, using electric bikes, public transport and the train. No professional parking space, no reimbursement for kilometers driven in a combustion-powered car!

carbon offsetting

If we are obliged to take a plane for a business trip that cannot take place by videoconference, we offset our GHG emissions via an authenticated program. 

inspiring workplace

By choosing to set up our offices within a coworking space - La Baladeuse - dedicated to women entrepreneurs, we optimize several elements: computer equipment, common spaces, and encourage the exchange of skills.


We implement all the recommended eco-gestures to limit our energy consumption, whether for lighting or heating, and refrain from using energy-hungry equipment.

digital reasoning

Whether it's the hosting and development of our website, digital tools developed for our customers, storage, accessibility and digital inclusiveness, all these issues are at the heart of our decisions for a responsible digital future.

Prosperity and listening

We are committed to offering flexible working conditions, attractive remuneration and access to training for our internal and external employees. Through telecommuting, flexible working hours and above-average remuneration, we promote pleasant working conditions and foster dialogue and personal development within our network. 


Access to CSR knowledge should be free and accessible to all. On our INSPIRATIONS web page, you'll find resources tailored to professionals who want to get started on their own. 

Always give back

We have chosen to dedicate time and resources to support two associations whose activities particularly resonate with our mission. Gaëlle Borgeaud works with the SINGA association as a CSR Mentor and Expert; she also runs voluntary workshops for the general public. Climate Fresk for the general public.

What about you? How are you getting on?