Understanding the causes and consequences of climate change is the starting point for any CSR approach. And as media-friendly as it is, climate change is not yet a mechanism understood by the majority of us. Faced with this reality, many organizations are looking for ways to raise awareness among their teams and engage them in concrete actions in favor of the ecological transition. In this way, they will be better able to understand and take action to implement your CSR program. This is where the Climate Fresk - and its parent workshops, such as the Biodiversity Fresco, the Digital Fresco, the Waste Fresco and the 2 Tons Fresco - interactive and educational workshops that we offer to run on your premises.

1. Why Climate Fresk?

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our millennium, and requires a collective response. Climate Fresk offers a unique approach to raising awareness of climate issues among employees and decision-makers in an immersive and participative way. Here are just a few reasons why Climate Fresk is an effective solution:

  • Understanding the complexity of climate :

The Climate Fresk website helps to visualize and understand the interconnections between the various factors involved in climate change, such as sources of greenhouse gas emissions, physical mechanisms, impacts on ecosystems and possible solutions. Adapted to all levels of knowledge, it ensures that all employees have a common knowledge base.

  • Engaging teams:

By actively involving participants in climate-related discussions and reflections, Climate Fresk fosters employee commitment, reinforces team spirit and provides the initial impetus for the implementation of company-wide CSR actions.

  • Set in motion

Climate Fresk is an opportunity to initiate reflection and lead discussion on specific levers for change within the company. This helps identify areas where significant action can be taken to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainability.

2. Who's it for?

Climate Fresk can be adapted to different audiences within your company:

  • Employees: Raising your employees' awareness of climate issues and involving them in sustainable initiatives can strengthen their sense of belonging to the company and enhance its reputation.
  • Decision-makers: Corporate executives and managers can benefit from a better understanding of climate-related risks and opportunities to make informed decisions.
  • Customers and partners: By demonstrating your commitment to sustainability, you can attract and retain like-minded customers and partners.

3. Terms and conditions Climate Fresk

Climate Fresk is an interactive half-day workshop. Here are the main stages of a Climate Fresk :

  1. Introduction: Introduction to the workshop and its objectives.
  2. Fresco construction: Participants collectively build a visual representation of the climate system, adding elements such as emissions, consequences and solutions.
  3. Debriefing and actions: Discussion of the lessons learned from the workshop and identification of concrete actions to be implemented within the company.

4. Workshop costs?

The Climate Fresk workshop is offered at a cost of CHF 1,800 per instructor for 3 hours. Each facilitator can welcome up to 18 participants (maximum). This fee also includes an in-depth debriefing with participants to discuss individual and collective actions to be taken. Workshop materials are included in the fee. Please note that room hire costs are not included and may vary according to your needs.

In conclusion, Climate Fresk - and its Fresco friends - are powerful tools for raising awareness, engaging and mobilizing your company in the fight against climate change. If you'd like to find out more about how we can tailor this workshop to meet your organization's specific needs, please get in touch.

Investing in climate awareness means investing in a sustainable future for your company and for the planet.

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