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ZESTISSIME is a CSR consulting studio dedicated to supporting the private and institutional sectors in their positive transformation to meet the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

From strategy to stakeholder communication. Whether global or targeted.

Our training center ImpactPro Academy enables all your employees to enhance their skills and become real drivers of internal change.

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of companies consider that
the absence of a CSR strategy is a danger
to their future development.


of companies have identified
their environmental and social impacts.


of companies do not implement
at all or
do not formalize CSR actions.

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Our CSR services

ZESTISSIME can help you define, implement and communicate your environmental and social commitments.

Our services are structured around several key stages. Depending on our customers' needs, we can intervene in all their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) requirements, or focus on more specific projects. 


A company rarely starts from scratch when it comes to sustainability. It will probably have already taken steps, sometimes without formalizing them or in isolation, with a limited overall vision. 

This first step enables us to map current and future CSR actions - according to their priority and impact - and to identify the various stakeholders. At the end? An assessment of the opportunities for change and the establishment of our preliminary recommendations.


Beyond the formalization of procedures, the introduction of new practices or the transformation of the value chain, it is essential to quantify the changes brought about by all the CSR measures implemented. 

Sustainability performance indices will enable you to track your progress, and will be indispensable data for transforming your commitments into real positive impacts. 


Drawing up a CSR strategy involves establishing a holistic action plan based on tangible, measurable measures, based on the preliminary audit.

It benefits the company's entire ecosystem as well as its stakeholders, while taking into account the challenges of the sector and internal and external obstacles. We think in terms of opportunities, not risks!


Sharing your CSR expertise and communicating about your journey at different stages and from different points of view are the pillars of committed and authentic communication, both internally and externally. We put your actions into words, images and experiences, using modern, innovative platforms.

To get people, a company and an industry moving, we need to unite them around a common vision and message.


Outsourcing your CSR

Are you looking for a trusted partner with solid sustainability expertise and a keen understanding of the challenges facing companies when it comes to combining performance and CSR policy?

Founded in 2020 by Gaëlle Borgeaud, Zestissime develops its consulting, support and coaching activities with a clear mission: to bring companies of all sizes and sectors together and reveal their full CSR potential. Often perceived as a source of constraints, CSR measures offer opportunities for change and transformation that can be beneficial on many levels. Whether it's a question of financial savings, improving the employer brand, attracting new investors, differentiating from competitors, or simply giving more meaning to the company's mission, all these levers for change are opportunities to create value.

We believe in triple performance: human, environmental and economic, not just profit, but shared prosperity. Would you like to join us?

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