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You're a start-up or SME and don't yet have an in-house CSR structure, but you want to get moving? How do you get started? Where do you start?

We have developed a range of services adapted to different levels of CSR maturity, objectives and company size.

Whether you're a start-up looking to ensure that your business model has taken environmental and social issues into account, or an established service company looking to integrate CSR in a sustainable, 360° way, we have one or more solutions for you.

It is also possible to develop a tailor-made program by combining several services. 

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Our services

Integrating CSR at launch

Quick Wins
For Start-ups

When you're setting up a company, it's sometimes difficult to find the time and resources needed to confront your business model with the CSR opportunities and levers of your activity. But now is the ideal time! It's much easier to put in place CSR commitments and the processes needed to implement them at the start of your business than to have to transform them during the growth phase. What's more, having a coherent, global CSR program is a significant competitive advantage. Crucial when launching a product or service!

Service types

Sustainable strategy and commitments

Identification of 4 priority projects

2x 2h meeting (face-to-face)

Creating an action plan

Definition of the measures to be implemented

Drafting a manifesto (approx. 500 words)

Defining your csr priorities & taking action

Quick Wins
For SMEs

Before undertaking strategic, organizational and/or operational changes, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your company's environmental and social ecosystem and its stakeholders. This coaching will give you a clear vision of the opportunities and obstacles to change in your company, so that you can draw up a roadmap that meets your needs and priorities. You'll know where you're going and why!

Service types

Audit of current CSR situation

Mapping your stakeholders

CSR SWOT analysis

Creation of a materiality matrix

Adapting the support program

A 2-hour final session to get the ball rolling!

Engaging employees

For SMEs

If, like us, you believe that a CSR program must be embodied at the heart of the company, and cannot be supported solely by a handful of people, this format is for you. This support will enable you to identify and get your internal ambassadors moving, to raise awareness of environmental and social issues among all your employees so as to better involve them on a day-to-day basis, and to collect ideas for action via a bottom-up approach. The end result is a structured framework nourished by collective intelligence. More informed, committed and ready for action!

Service types

Creation of an internal CSR structure

1/2 day collective intelligence workshop

Internal CSR awareness tool

Drawing up a civic commitment plan

Identifying potential CSR partners

Onboarding with the CSR consultant - 5 hours coaching

Communicating commitments

For SMEs

Do you want to communicate transparently about your commitments, progress and the impact of your CSR program, but don't know how? Are you afraid of being the target of criticism? In addition to raising the profile of your organization, you want to inform your customers and stakeholders about the challenges and opportunities facing your industry.

Service types

Brand communication analysis

Analysis of existing CSR messages

Identifying awareness-raising opportunities

Drafting a manifesto (approx. 500 words)

Responsible communications plan

Building a sustainability report

For SMEs

In the face of constantly evolving sustainability standards and regulatory requirements, the drafting of a sustainability report is a crucial and structuring strategic step. As consultants with expertise certified by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we support you in the complex process of creating reports that respect and enhance your sustainability practices, in line with the most rigorous standards for extra-financial reporting.

Service types

Stakeholder identification and dialogue

Materiality matrix (double or single)

Structuring the sustainability report

Writing content

Split internal and external communication plan

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My company already sorts its waste and has an equal pay policy (for example!). What more can it do? 

SMEs often implement CSR actions in isolation, on the initiative of individuals or departments. There's no overall vision, no monitoring of measures and no cross-functional impact. When you call in a CSR consultant, you're guaranteed a 360° program for the short, medium and long term, a framework and regular monitoring of objectives.  

My sector of activity is not considered a polluter (e.g. the professions, service companies...); is there anything I can do about it?

Yes, even if you don't produce goods, you can implement actions around different themes: energy savings, choice of service providers, mobility, social commitment, new services in favor of the environment or minorities, digital eco-gestures, to name but a few. 

We're a small company; isn't CSR only for big groups?

No, not exclusively! Smaller structures are more agile, and often implement CSR initiatives more quickly and easily. Not to mention the smaller number of employees, which makesonboarding easier. What's more, it's also easier to integrate a CSR philosophy at the start of a company's activity by establishing "good" habits, rather than transforming it when it has already reached a certain size and numerous procedures are in place. 

I'd like to implement CSR initiatives, but my superiors don't think it's a priority. How can I convince them?

The benefits of implementing CSR measures are manifold. Sometimes, it's just a matter of finding the right argument to suit your audience's concerns. Long-term savings, competitive advantage, anticipation of regulations, help with recruitment and retention via a strong employer brand are just some of the opportunities for change that create value and can be convincing. Sometimes, all it takes is an initial, no-obligation meeting to break the deadlock.   

We don't have a dedicated CSR budget, or think it's out of reach for our company. How much does coaching cost?

Not to worry. It's still rare for SMEs to plan such budgets. We offer various types of support, from as little as CHF 1,500.
There are several ways of "absorbing" this investment:
- plan projects in stages
- spread the budget over different cost centers
- check whether support is available from government bodies
If the will is there, there are solutions. And we're here to help.

What methodologies are used to structure the CSR approach?

The choice of methodology depends on the needs of each company. The following framework can be used:
- B Corp / BIA (B Impact Assessment)
- Mon Entreprise Durable (ISO 26000 standard)
- Tailor-made

It's difficult for us to devote time to such a project, as our teams are already very busy and time is short. So how do we go about it? 

The degree of involvement of one or more members of the company depends largely on the scope of the CSR program to be set up. At the very least, it is customary to appoint a CSR ambassador to act as the main contact person. This person should allocate between 1 and 3 hours per week to the audit phase. Our project management tools and regular reports enable you to organize your exchanges efficiently and focus on the essentials. 

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